RUF Summer Conference!

Come to RUF Summer Conference in Panama City Beach, FL, May 14-19!!  Come hear great speaking from Les Newsom, RUF area coordinator and former campus minister at Ole Miss.  The theme this year is Behold, I Am Making All Things New.  The cost is $315 before April 20 (so go ahead and sign up!).  Please let Kevin, Stewart, or I know if you need help financially!  We want you to be able to come.  We will have plenty of time to play on the beach, enjoy each other’s company, listen to seminars from various RUF campus ministers, and win the RUF volleyball tournament!  Let us know if you have any questions.  For more information and to sign up click HERE.

RUF Summer Conference 2012 – Wake Forest from Wake Forest on Vimeo.



Freshman Bible Study and First Large Group of the Semester!

Welcome back!!

Freshman Bible study, today, in Collins Basement at 5 PM!  Kevin Teasley will be leading!

AND, the first large group of the semester will be this Tuesday, Jan. 24, at 8 PM in Pugh Auditorium.  Kevin Teasley will be going through the book of Galatians!

If you want to go on SPRING BREAK to Tuscaloosa and Seacrest, FL, LET US KNOW TONIGHT!  Bring a $100 deposit made out to Wake RUF TONIGHT!  We will be working with Trinity Presbyterian Church and Habitat for Humanity to help build homes in Tuscaloosa in response to the tornados’ destructions last April.  Then, we will spend a few days relaxing and enjoying time at the beach!

 E-mail Stewart Swain ( or Kate Rhodes ( if you have any questions!

RUF Christmas Party T-shirt!

T-shirts for the RUF Christmas party are ready to order!  They are $13.25.  Below are all the instructions you need to order a t-shirt online!


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If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact: Lauren at 800-472-3269 or by e-mail:

The Church.


“The Scriptures never call us to the “solitary” Christian life; rather, we are to be active, living members of the body of Christ-the Church. The visible church isn’t perfect, but she belongs to Christ. She is His beloved bride, His precious jewel (Eph 5:21-33). And if He loves her enough to wash her, sanctify her, and protect her, we should seek to love her too. For this reason, RUF encourages all students not to neglect the church during their college years. This is the place where Christians are equipped for service in God’s kingdom (Eph 4:11-12).  Even skeptics can find the answers they seek as the church does its work (1 Cor 14:24-25). RUF can help you find a good church home while away from home. Talk to your campus minister for more information.” – RUF’s Biblical vision for involvement with the church

Many members of Wake Forest’s RUF are involved in a local church. We have provided a google doc to show you where these students attend if you would like to join them! You may also write your name on the list under which church you attend for others to find as a resource. We encourage you to get involved!

Sunday Night Fellowship

Come to Sunday Night Fellowship on Sunday at 8 PM in South Hall lounge.  Senior, Daniel Holst will speak about his time at Wake Forest and the way the Lord has worked in his life during his time here.  We will have some snacks and singing, as well!  Come on out!

Fall Conference 2011!!

Sign up for Fall Conference here!!

What?  A weekend of worship, fellowship, preaching and hanging out in the beautiful North Carolina mountains!  We will be joining up with other RUFs from North and South Carolina.  Tom Cannon, pastor of Red Mountain Church in Birmingham, AL, will be our speaker this year.

When? Sept. 23-25; Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon

Where? Camp Greystone in Zirconia, NC

How much? $99

Again, you can sign up HERE!!

And, click HERE for more info about RUF small groups!